Lean Kanban North America 2015 is pleased to present the 5th annual Brickell Key Award. The award ceremony will be held on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. All attendees holding a 2-day or 3-day conference pass are invited to the award ceremony following the afternoon Brickell Key Pre-Party.

Come to Lean Kanban North America 2015 in Miami to find out which of these 6 finalists will win the 2 Brickell Key Awards:

Muhammad Ovais Ahmad
Oulu, Finland
Trent Hone
Washington DC, USA
Patrick Steyaert
Brussels, Belgium

Muhammad Ovais Ahmad
Academic Research on Kanban

Trent Hone
Kanban with Distributed Teams

Patrick Steyaert
Discovery Kanban
Ian Carroll
Manchester, UK
Dominica DeGrandis
Seattle, Washington, USA
Dimitar Bakardzhiev
Sofia, Bulgaria

Ian Carroll
Kanban case studies; Kanban in IT/Ops

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Data-driven planning and validation

The Brickell Key Award is named after the Brickell Key island near Miami that is home to the Mandarin Oriental hotel where our community first gathered for the Lean and Kanban Conference in May 2009.The Brickell Key Award highlights excellence in our community, honoring two people who have shown outstanding achievement, leadership and contribution to our community. The award is especially oriented toward highlighting people who are lesser known and worthy of greater exposure.Brickell Key Award nominees are those who

  • participated in a significant kanban initiative
  • advanced the body of knowledge, or
  • made a significant contribution to the global kanban community

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